Mr. Jeffery A. S, holds a degree in Chemical and Petro Chemical Engineering with a Bachelor Degree, Honors , and had over 30 year career at the oil industry Senior Drilling Engineer with extensive list of successful projects, both domestic and international, including deep water and hostile environments. Now, also a specialist in remote locations also.

Over a decade of experience directing multi-disciplined project teams. Skilled in planning and coordinating multiple projects simultaneously. Personable communicator, both orally and in writing. A proven mentor, able to innovate solutions utilizing new technologies, train others to employ methods, and devise a successful strategy for deploying results.

Specialties : Advanced drilling technologies, applications of innovative solutions, pore pressure prediction, deep-water drilling, HP/HT wells, extended reach/horizontal wells, intelligent completions, under-balanced drilling, managed pressure drilling, well control instructor,
Specialties: Designing and drilling wells, straight or deviated. Of course I started on land but I am equally versed in designing wells in deep water and the selection of floating drilling equipment as well as land rigs and jackups.


Engr. Jeffery A. Sechin


Chemical and Petro Chemical Engineering with a Bachelor Degree, Honours , and had over 30 year's career at the oil industry Senior Drilling Engineer with extensive list of successful projects


Drilling and Process Engineer

American Bureau of Shipping

Responsible for researching, rewriting, improving and developing various ABS publications, such as ABS Facility Rules; ABS Novel Concept Guides for various sub-sea well activities. Develop a new requirement for maintaining the ABS Class of Drilling System using an alternate and innovative approach involving risk-based inspections, continuous monitoring. Participated in authoring 3 technical papers on the deployment of new technology in the offshore energy business.

Principal Engineer

After concluding my contract for Halliburton's global Project Management group, I am currently available for deployment immediately to whatever place I am most urgently needed. I am looking forward with eager anticipation to my next exciting adventure.


Principal Technical Adviser- Drilling


After concluding the work in Israel, I came to Houston as a staff support engineer in Halliburton's global Project Management team. Providing a complete range of technical assistance to engineers who have exhausted their local resources is what I do now. Mentoring less-experienced individuals has become a key part of how to pass-along experience and judgement from over 30 years of energy engineering.


Senior Drilling Engineer

Tel Aviv, Israel

Daily interaction with client staff while working to plan, permit and drill their first-ever offshore wells in Israel. Since there are few wells here, the usual vendor selections are extremely limited. Choices go from getting the best XXX to obtaining the only XXXX after somebody else finishes using it. Israel is a dynamic, exciting place to live and to work. Its citizens like Americans. Language is not a barrier. The streets are safe after dark. You can drink the tap water. After working, there are places to go and sights to be seen. I enjoyed working here. I expect to return to Houston by early March, looking for my next adventure.


senior engineering specialist

Anadarko Petroleum

I have found an opportunity here working in the International Exploration Operations group. I will be part of the east Africa project which involves planning and drilling wells offshore Mozambique. In Houston for starting out but likely to be working 28/28 rotation. Planning and logistics are key tasks here

Senior Deep Water Engineer


• Planned and monitored floating drilling for 30 offshore wells by 6 different rigs as evaluation and appraisals of newly awarded licenses for the largest independent operator in Brazil
• Mentor for several younger engineers (8-12 years of experience) in current floating drilling practices.

Senior Drilling Engineer


worked to facilitate the drilling of development wells in the Gulf of Mexico while simultaneously mentoring several younger drilling engineers.

Senior Well Control Engineer

Wild Well Control

At the first company formed to compete with Red Adair, we are the most technical provider of this service. Our clients are from all over the world. My role is as a part of the team providing technical assistance when and where it is needed. One of our specialties is our own proprietary computer software to model a well blowing out. This allows many alternatives to be evaluated before choosing on the safest alternative to stop a blowout. I am excited to be a member of such an elite group of specialists.


Sr. Drilling Engineer

BP America

Well Planning/Drilling Operations Engineer in Appraisal Business Unit for all BP's recent deepwater Gulf of Mexico discoveries. Asked to help evaluate pore pressure prdiction methods for a 30,000 ft sub-salt well. Leading a team to apply new 3-D visualization tools to create a pore pressure "cube" of data for future development wells

• Project Leader for a 4-month project to evaluate in-fill drilling technologies for a partially-depleted HPHT field undergoing compaction subsidence. Able to accelerate project time-line
• Investigated rig requirements to perform well intervention for a subsea-tieback gas well
• Mentored several junior engineers in drilling practices and methods


Deepwater Drilling Engineering Advisor

Triton Engineering

• Monitored an ongoing, 2-rig exploration drilling program, advising senior government managers on technical matters
• Led a team of foreign nationals to assemble well plans for future wells
• Worked with a US-based team of specialists to perform pore pressure estimates from seismic data and updated pressure estimates for drilling wells using wellbore seismic data.


Projects Drilling Engineer

Signa Engineering Corp.

• Evaluated all well paths planned for a 25-slot platform offshore Russia, finding over 15 unsafe intervals in more than 10 wells. Devised an alternative scheme to avoid this problem and presented it under budget and ahead of schedule to clients and their directional contractor.
• Planned and directed record-setting HPHT horizontal gas well in SE TX. Planned and executed selective open-hole stimulation of 10 intervals in the horizontal portion of that well.
• Assisted on numerous ongoing innovative projects as needed to maintain project schedules.


Drilling Engineer-Exploration

Chevron Corporation

• Planned the initial Brandon Prospect well, enabling incident-free drilling of this step-out, delivering the well to the asset team under-budget . 
• Applied risk-reduction techniques to plan other high-risk prospects in the portfolio to accelerate the evaluation process for revenue-enhancement purposes.


Pore Pressure Specialist, Drilling Technology Center

Chevron Petroleum Technology Company

• Correctly predicted formation pore pressures for the initial well drilled at Chevron’s Typhoon Prospect, enabling planning and drilling of their recent deep-water discovery. 
• Directed pore pressure projects for over 20 wells; gathering appropriate seismic data, structural geology details, petrophysical data, and relevant offset drilling results for analysis and interpretation to provide risk-adjusted profiles of rock strengths and formation pressures. 
• Continuously evaluated new software for geo pressure prediction, making suggestions for modifications and testing that software before directing the deployment on Chevron’s global information link. 
• Mentored 4 others in pore-pressure prediction methods. 
• Instructed over 30 courses, training more than 250 professionals from all parts of the energy industry at locations around the world.
• Devised new technique to utilize specialized software, resulting in savings nearly $250 thousand annually.

Ceo : Engr. Jeffery A. Sechin

Chief Executive Officer
Independent Drilling Contractor
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