ABOUT Premier Petroleum Plc

Since 1997, Premier Petroleum Plc & Gas has been providing a highly respected coverage of the exciting developments that have occurred in the American petroleum sector for almost three decades.

Our Vision: Premier Petroleum Plc vision is to be the leading independent American energy company admired for our asset portfolio and human capital.

Our Mission : Premier Petroleum Plc mission is to safely explore, develop and produce hydrocarbons and meet stakeholder aspirations and create value by powering the development of National economy.
Our Strategy

Operate without harm to people and the environment. Maintain an American-focused balanced asset portfolio. Achieve organic value driven growth through successful exploration activities and strategic asset acquisitions. Build a talented, Conduct business affairs in a transparent, professional and responsible manner.

On land and over water, locally and internationally, we’ve been successfully providing design, fabrication and delivery of drilling rigs for over 40 years. With over 100 drilling rigs and hundreds more masts and structures completed, our team of engineers and oil field construction specialists are experts at coordinating all aspects of your rig project, from design development to timeline and estimation, through delivery and installation.

Our fabrication and shipyard experience allows us to effectively handle 6,000 plus ton projects in our manufacturing facilities. With corporate offices in New Iberia and a sales office in Houston, we operated a fully equipped yard at the Port of Iberia as well as Parks, Louisiana. From handrails and small foundation to drilling rigs, steel modules, masts, heliports and living quarters, our capabilites are endless.

Port of Iberia, LA Facility

Provides Superior with access to marine customers in the Gulf of Mexico with over 1,600 feet of total water frontage. This facility consists of two yards (North and South) that combined have over 60,000 square feet of fabrication shop space. The facility manufactures barge rigs, related equipment and substructures used on barges and land rigs.

North Facility Details

  • 40,000 s/f fabrication shop
  • overhead cranes
  • 500 feet of waterfront bulkheads

South Facility Details

  • 20,000 s/f fabrication shop
  • overhead cranes
  • 60,000 s/f of erection slabs
  • 600 feet of water frontage
  • 450 feet of waterfront bulkheads
  • 6,000+ tons of load-out capacity
  • capable of housing 140 personnel

Parks, LA Facility

Located approximately 20 miles north of the Port of Iberia facility and primarily serves land drilling customers by manufacturing and servicing land rigs. This facility also designs and manufactures the masts and borg for all of Superior’s land and barge rigs and is the primary location where land rigs are assembled.


  • Over 19.5 acres
  • Over 35,000 s/f of fabrication space
  • Over 30,000 s/f of construction slab area
  • Fabrication area equipped with overhead cranes

St. Martinville, LA Facility

Located approximately 15 miles north of the Port of Iberia
facility and primarily serves land drilling customers by
manufacturing and servicing land rigs. Provides a large indoor
workspace that is not dependent on outdoor weather conditions.


  • Over 300,000 s/f of indoor fabrication space
  • Over 300,000 s/f of construction slab area